Alberto Cipolla

Born in 1988, Alberto Cipolla took his first steps in music since childhood, then the game has turned into passion and, after years of classical piano studies, Alberto continued his path in music obtaining the academic diploma of Composition and the degree in Conducting at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Turin, the diploma in music production at the School of High Perfection of Saluzzo (CN) and attended the two-year course of “Contemporary Writing and Technology” at the CPM of Milan.

In the last few years, he wrote, arranged and produced music for national TV programs, soundtracks for films and documentaries, among which “Il Corridore” by Stefano Scarafia and Paolo Casalis, “Sagre Balere” by Alessandro Stevanon and “The Plan” by Paolo Dematteis, theatrical pieces (“Troiane” by the Turin company Casa Fools, whose music is currently being produced for an album), short films, music for promotional spots of events and soundtracks for art exhibitions.

He works also as author and arranger.

After the first writing experiences, mainly in a minimalist style in the wake of Yann Tiersen, Michael Nyman or Ludovico Einaudi and parallel to the concert activity as a pianist / keyboardist in various formations, Cipolla’s music began to take its own stylistic shape: the piano as the source of the melodic and harmonic idea, and a crescendo that brings with it synth, rhythmic section, strings and voice in an ideal cohesion of all these elements. Abstract echoes that sometimes come close to the northern Europe atmospheres of Ólafur Arnalds, Sigur Ròs or Mogwai in a fusion of a taste for classical music.

On May 26th 2014 his debut album was released, “Soundtrack For Movies In Your Head” (edited by VideoRadio and distributed by SELF).

The album, that received excellent reviews by critics, contains 13 songs, the ones showing the artist’s compositional skills at best. The songs are «small chests of emotions» which play «with open cards with the most instinctive element of artistic expressiveness» (OndaRock), blending more minimalist and intimate elements with almost post-rock sounds with great electric crescendos that sometimes recall the Explosions in The Sky or the baroque of Arcade Fire.

In 2015 the single “Awakening in Two” was released, whose instrumental version for piano solo  contained in the album was transformed with the featuring of Marco Guazzone and Stefano Costantini of STAG, authors of the text.

In July of the same year Alberto performed in Berlin on the occasion of the COFFI Italian Film & Art Festival.

On April 6th 2018 his second album, “Branches”, was released for the MeatBeat Records label, with the artistic production of Raffaele D’Anello. In the new work, whose texts explore the concept of “choise”, “possibility” and human relationships, the sound mixes electronics, downtempo and classical music and was inspired by artists such as Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, Woodkid and Anhoni. The album is a journey between at times more experimental horizons (“No regrets” and “Aria”), at times catchier ones (“Two Lovers” and “Foggy Day”), embellished by the constant support of a string quartet, not to mention the intimist roots in some episodes, where the piano solo is the main element (“Absence” and “Impromptu”). For Sentireascoltare it is «ethereal, elusive and dreamlike: an album to dream with open eyes».