Di Maio

Maurizio Di Maio, whose stage name is DiMaio, is a singer, actor and tenor/soprano born in 1978.

He took his first artistic steps at the age of 15 thanks to the artistic encounter with Marigrazia Fontana, a well-known musician and teacher of the Italian music scene. She cured the initial Maurizio’s first artistic steps and chose him as one of the lead voices of her gospel choir Sat e b. The first television collaborations for Rai and Mediaset and record productions as a chorister were also born with Mariagrazia (Giorgia, Renato Zero, Lucio Dalla, Ornella Vanoni, Simply Red, Concato, Michael Bolton, Gery Hallowel).

Over the years, the artistic influences and the various collaborations led DIMAIO to deepen his passion for musical theatre, finding himself on the stage of well-known musical and interpreting different roles for different productions:

  • “Petite Messe Solennelle” by G. Rossini, designed by the master G.Gelmetti
  • “Estaba la madre” by Oscar winner Louis Bacalov (2004)
  • “Dracula”, as chorister, David Zard
  • “Actor Dei”, “cover lawyer ensemble” 2007, Sound & co.
  • “I Promessi Sposi” by Michele Guardì in the role of Don Ferrante ensamble and cover Fra Cristoforo.
  • “Sweeney Todd” in the role of Adolfo Pirelli directed by Marco Simeoli and choreographic movements by Fabrizio Angelini.
  • “Raffaello e la Fornarina” in the role of Mario directed by Marcello Sindici
  • “Macbeth” Sistina of Rome directed by Enrico Petronio in the role of ECATE, queen of witches, singing as sopranist.

He is currently engaged in the role of Irwing Dangering in “Georgie il Musical” under the direction of Marcello Sindici.

In the Italian version, directed by Piero di Blasio, “Appuntamenti al buio” Broadway musical “First Date” he’s Alex.

Parallel to this theatrical journey he deepened his studies as a sopranist with his vocal coach Giuseppe Nicodemo, a well-known opera singer.

Thanks to this training he arrived at what he now considers as the most important project of his artistic career.