Gianfranco De Franco

Gianfranco De Franco, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist and music therapist, graduated in clarinet at the “Stanislao Giacomantonio” Conservatory in Cosenza. He also graduated in Music at the D.A.M.S. (Drama, Art and Music Studies) of the University of Calabria and in Music Therapy at the “Appollon” Institute of Musicology and Music Therapy. His genre explores experimental and ambient music styles, lapping new age, industrial metal and contemporary music.

He plays in various International Festivals: London, Dublin, Argentina, Paris, Cologne, Zagreb, Lugano, Cordoba, Bellinzona, Mendoza, Grenoble, Split, Brussels, Moscow, Sarayevo, etc. He composes music and plays live for many Contemporary Theater shows including: Dissonorata, La Borto, Polvere, Masculu e Fiammina and Mario and Saleh by Saverio La Ruina / Vertical Scene. Winning shows of 3 UBU Awards, Hystrio Award, Ugo Betti Award.  U Tingiutu- Un Aiace in Calabria, Morir si giovane e in antropausa, Il Vangelo secondo Antonio and Re pipuzzu fattu a manu – melologue in Calabrese by Dario De Luca / Vertical Scene. Winning shows of the Antonio Landieri Prize, Music against the Mafias 2012, Rome R.I.P. Art ”2013 and Fersen Prize for Dramaturgy 2017  In the Migrant Desert, Sibari’s Spring, Macbeth and Becchet / NAIT – Night ABA Industrial Tale, IDROS – 50th year after the flood of Florence, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Deluge, Opera di Teatro Architettura in 5 simultaneous acts – In the light of facts, Facts of light by Giancarlo Cauteruccio / Teatro Studio Krypton. Cain the man on the go and The child and the ant by Massimo Burini / Occhi sul Mondo Author and composer of many performances and site specifics: URSATZ, A.P.P., Tunnel, Volo Infermo, Quiet Room-effect sub Mozart, SpaceLab # 1, MancantemaPresente, Lilith presented in various National Contemporary Art Festivals.Live sonorize various literary works:The white wars and O Amore Muto by the poet and music critic Antonio Oleari.We eat a book – I Promessi Sposi – The Odyssey – The Name of the Rose together with the archeochef G. Cinelli and the actors Gambardella and Saraceno. Project for the Libraries of Rome He collaborates with various musical projects: Mandaraproject, Peppe Voltarelli, Pentole e Computer, Red Basica, Nigro, TakabumStreetBand – Open act: Bollani, Rea, Fresu etc., “It’s not just Poetry” – “Thick as a Poem” by Alberto Luppi Musso, Marcondiro, G. Tancredi, M. Scerra, OMO – Omissis Mini Orchestra, Num3rical, Killing Cartisano, Collettivo Becoming X, “Shuttle” with V. Corzani and E. Scherl

In 2012 he recorded his first solo album “Cu a capu vasciata” (Mk Records / Rewind / Venus / Rubbettino). With the live he performs in various Italian theaters and is selected in various festivals including: International Festival “Sala Dogana Giovani Idee in Transito 2012”, Palazzo Ducale – Genoa; Horror Festival of Independent Arts “INTERIORA” 2012 – Forte Prenestino – Rome; “Mama Spoleto Open” Fringe Festival – Spoleto; Music for Sunset – Isola Maggiore; Multi-material Festival – National Gallery of Umbria; Spring Festival of Theaters – Castrovillari (cs); Roccella Jazz Festival – Roccella Jonica (Rc) etc. Receives two special mentions for “Los Angeles Music Award 2013” (23rd Annual LA Music Award) and for “Artist in Music Awards 2014” in the ‘Best Alternative Artist’ category, Los Angeles. Open Act Vinicio Capossela – “BeeSound”; Teho Teardo; etc. At the end of 2016 he released his second solo album “IMAGO”, produced by Marco and Daniele Suraci / Icarus Factory and distributed by IRD / Internetional Records Distribution. The resulting live brings together the various interests of the artist to the scenic contamination by developing 3 distinct lives: IMAGO – concert for images – Visual direction by Massimo Bevilacqua. IMAGO – Concert for bodies and visual vibrations with the performatic contamination of the MUD group and co-produced by the Krypton Studio Theater. Project selected for the InterCity / Take Over European project, British Council (Great Britain) – Partner Bios (Greece) – Chorea (Poland) – Kolarac (Serbia) and Teatro della Limonaia of Florence – Italian Event. IMAGOformulaBANDA – with the Cannara Music Band (Pg) directed by Maestro Verzieri – Universo Assisi Festival