Giuseppe Califano

Eclectic, curious, omnivorous composer, Giuseppe Califano is condemned to inhabit several musical worlds and to love them all.
To the solid classical training (diploma in Piano and Composition, various masterclasses dedicated to conducting) he has combined a constant passion for the languages ​​of jazz (from Bill Evans to Keith Jarrett) and rock (from grunge by Pearl Jam to all the musical seasons of Radiohead and Sigur Ros).
In 2010 his song “Of the souls made in winter” was reported at the “Valentino Bucchi” Competition in Rome. In 2011 “D’ambra” was born, commission for violin and orchestra of the SanPaolo Foundation performed at the Auditorium of the Cariplo Foundation in Milan, by the violinist Francesca Dego and the LaVerdi Barocca Orchestra conducted by Ruben Jais.
Also in 2011, the performance of “And an old man says words of a world ago”, commissioned by the Nieuw Ensemble of Amsterdam, and performed in the 2011 edition of the Huddersfield Festival, with relative recording. The Commission of As.Li.Co. for the composition of the official hymn of OperaDomani on the occasion of its twentieth anniversary. “Vanitas Vanitatum” (for choir and orchestra) was created for the Don Bosco Youth Orchestra of El Salvador, performed during a long tour in the U.S.A. In the summer of 2016. In the spring of 2021, his first opera, Peter Pan on a libretto by Stefano Simone Pintor, will debut on commission from the Società Operaia di Pordenone.
Curiosity and the natural propensity to experiment led him to touch all musical areas, making his own styles and words of each sound universe encountered, giving life to publications of musical projects with a post-rock flavor, but with classic instruments and original soundtracks. for short films and documentaries.
to the possibilities that music places at the table of the curious and every style or genre in which it is immersed is like a herm in front siren song to give in without resistance.
In 2013 the album “Enjoy the sunshine” was recorded, entirely composed of his compositions; some of the tracks on the album have been selected for the multifaceted installations of the most recent international high fashion events by Dolce and Gabbana. He is the author of the original soundtrack of the short film F5 by Ciro Gatto, of the music for the spot created by Accenture for the “Junior Achievement” Association, broadcast on Sky; his notes have been used in documentaries (“We are Ercolini”) and television programs (Dev4Ethic on Reteconomy), while in 2010 he composed the original music for the “Premio per il Lavoro”, a show staged at the Manzoni Theater in Bologna and broadcast by RaiUno. He has performed, with his own music, as a soloist or in various formations throughout Italy and already boasts performances for important events such as the MiTo Fringe Festival, the International Fair “Fa la cosa right”, the Ribalta Sanremo Festival and the “Como Città of Music “. During the 2020 lockdown he writes the music for the music and words show “Hope”, conceived with actor Stefano Dragone, chosen as “Concert of dawn” and “Concert of sunset” during the “Como city of music” Festival of 2020. Since 2018 he is composer and conductor of the Human Symphony project, a musical theater show already staged at the Milan suburbs Festival, a work in progress with always new music and stories, the subject of a successful tour still in course and which will debut at Palazzo Marino in Milan in the spring of 2021.