João Balouta

João Balouta (Vila Real, Portugal, 24 December 1988) is a multi-instrumentist Classical Crossover composer, producer and music teacher.

He showed his interest in learning music early on: when he was 6 years old, he accompanied his father to guitar lessons in a music school, in Vila Real and learned to play the recorder.

In 2005, when he was 17, João decided to learn piano on Youtube and start to compose some piano songs. In that year, he studied at the Regional Conservatory of Music in Vila Real and later at the Conservatory of Music and Dance, in Bragança (Portugal), following a piano course.

In 2011, João Balouta completed his Bachelor in Music, at the Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, in Portugal. João also studied Music, for a semester, in University of Hradec Kralové, in Czech Republic. His curiosity about music and other instruments took him to learn and explore drums, guitar, singing, berimbau, melódica and other percussion instruments.

In 2017, João released his first album called Morphosis  for Piano and Ensemble and began his Morphosis Tour in Portugal, in Teatro de Vila Real (his hometown) and Spain, in Sala Eutherpe, Léon. In 2020, João released Aurora Borealis album and held concerts in Portugal, at the AUDIR and the Teatro de Bragança. As of January 2021, João has composed more than 50 classical crossover pieces, reaching more than 500k streams, in 90 countries all over the world, on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. Recently, he is working with Inri Classic and Andante Piano labels.