The KamAak project was born in Milan in 2017 after our meeting despite being Neapolitans. We were in town for work and the spark struck. We are Stella Manfredi, a violinist and composer, and Luigi Castiello, composer, producer, musician. Our goal is to compose music for video images and we compose songs that give a sense of emotional depth but that also manages to make us reflect on social issues dear to us such as the condition of migrants or the difficulties in the artistic sector due to the pandemic. In this sense we have produced two video works.

Our sounds contain very different musical influences that oscillate between those derived from classical academic training and those born instead of the passion for extreme experimental research. We try every day to combine different worlds in a unique and characterizing style. The violin and the other traditional instruments we use are extrapolated from their usual contexts to be immersed in new spaces; all this takes place in a dimension halfway between neoclassical music, film music and electronic music. We work every day on new music to meet different types of needs and in future projects there is certainly the desire to create audio-visual works in our name, prepare a tour, work on soundtracks for the cinema, perhaps with some big names. Since there are so many talents in Naples, it would be nice if it were someone from our land.

Our next audio-visual work is titled Onne and is released by the INRI Classic label. It is a passage that tells the bond that unites man with fire: we reflected a lot during the construction phases of this first work and to what extent and how we are linked to our territory. In this work, which is part of a conceptual trilogy entitled Imperfect Disconnect, we want to lead the viewer on a journey in which the protagonist, escorted by an elderly figure, crosses a mysterious sea. We played a lot with allegorical figures, primarily the figure of the red-haired girl to recall the magma of the Creator Vesevo. Then we involved the elderly woman as a reference to Charon in Dante’s hell and played with the figure of the clock given to the protagonist by the elderly vegetable seller with Dali’s liquid time.

Our music almost always reproduces a sound journey during which various forces meet / collide, often our themes of reflection are linked to the power of nature and its various forms. Today more than ever there is a need for music used every day to create your own content, to relax, to tell a simple state of mind and it is a primary necessity. We as artists do our part to the best of our ability knowing that of course the music belongs to the people and that we are just a channel. Music has always existed and always will exist, it is one with man, as long as it is there we will be here to vibrate with it and enjoy its many facets.