Lorenzo Morresi

Lorenzo Morresi is a Music Producer, Guitarist and DJ working between the United Kingdom (London) and Italy.
Apart from his music production activity that led him to work with established and emerging artists on prestigious studios including Smokehouse, Strrongrooms, Abbey Road among others – he released several records for labels, including 22a Records, Fly By Night Music, Roots Underground Records, Wall Of Sound, SuperEclectic.
His project is an eclectic and experimental blend of world music, jazz-funk, electronica and dance music performed both as dj set or with a live band.
Lorenzo has been constantly performing in clubs and events across Europe including Amsterdam Dance Event, Biennale Musica, Brilliant Corners, Dancity, Spiritland; and has been a guest on many radio shows including Worldwide FM, Red Light Radio, Radio Raheem.
His musical work is based on a constant research for new sounds and combinations of genres, an organic union between technology and analog sounds, with a collaborative approach with musicians from different backgrounds and countries, inspired by sounds from Planet Earth.