Nina Yakimenko

Nina Yakimenko is a guitarist and composer and Ph.D.
She’s the winner of International and All-Russian competitions and winner of the State Prize for Supporting Talented Young People.
She maintains a music blog on his official YouTube channel, which contains useful information about guitar performance, master classes, as well as videos of concerts.
On the official website the author’s music and guitar school are presented, where you can find video courses on playing the guitar and articles on various musical topics.
In July 2015, an edition of her music collection was published, which contains compositions for guitar by Nina Yakimenko.
Each play is preceded by an author’s poem.
Nina started writing poems and songs since her childhood, and later began to compose music for the guitar. She has performed at a lot at major festivals in Russia and other countries, such as: Namm Musikmesse in Germany (Frankfurt), Namm Show in USA (L. A., Anaheim), “Her Majesty Music” Festival in Bulgaria (Sofia).
In August 2016, the EP “Captain” was released, which was well received by critics.
Almost all the songs from the album were included as soundtracks for feature films shown on federal channels of Russian television.
In September 2019, the instrumental album “Musings” was released, in which one of the works “Autumn song” was performed with a string quartet.
In February 2020, the album “Renaissance” was released.
In March 2021, the author’s book “Freestyle Guitar” was published. It contains a brief history of the guitar from the Renaissance to the present day, as well as important exercises on playing the guitar in different styles.