Onofrio Cellamare

Composer, pianist, orchestrator from Puglia, Italy, Onofrio Cellamare was born in 1991.
He composes music for piano, small ensembles, orchestra and music for the cinema.
Onofrio started playing piano when he was nine and then he experimented with other instruments such as guitar, drums, ukulele, bass and organ.
His real passion has always been composing music, and at the age of 14 he composed his first simple piece for piano.
He studied Composition and Piano at N. Piccinni Conservatory of Bari, where he is attending his last year.
Cellamare leads two parallel styles of composition: On the one hand chamber and symphonic music, belonging to the contemporary classical world, and on the other hand an instrumental music with influences from the classical world, minimalism, film music and electronic music.
From classical music He takes the form, the use of modulations and harmonic / melodic surprises, while from the soundtracks’ world the desire to obtain an immediate language, less complex, but not trivial or predictable.

Cellamare carries on his concert activity in which he interprets his own compositions alternating them with total improvisations, impromptu compositions.

His music is performed at various music festivals and at musical associations.
In 2019 he composed and orchestrated the soundtrack for the Italian movie “Tramonto a Mezzogiorno”.