Opus 3000

OPUS 3000 project was born from Elita’s idea of enhancing the contamination of different musical languages, namely the classical one with the electronic one.

That’s why 3 artists were identified who have always demonstrated both in their work and in their experimental path the passion for classical music combined with technology through an attitude of modern production and interpretation.

Although the mix of genres with classical music has already been explored several times over the years, OPUS 3000 relies on the distinct skills of each members of the project. From the years of classical studies of each of the three members to the common interest for a project of mixing and communion of heterogeneous musical intentions and instincts but fused by the common denominator of experimentation and curiosity that moves all members of the group. A challenge, beyond silence, beyond rhythm, beyond live performance.

A cosmic exploration between sound and images that transports the listener-spectator from the classic and soft combination of piano and cello to the aggressiveness and dynamism of modern production and instrumentation techniques that vary from feelings of love and serenity to dark and hostile environments.

OPUS 3000 is composed by:

Gloria Campaner (piano)

Alessandro Branca (cello)

Francesco Leali (electronic)