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A selection of the best Italian and international pianists
in the world of neoclassical music



Dominique Charpentier (FR)
Originally from Provence, Dominique Charpentier is one of the few French composers famous in the modern classical world. As a prolific musician, he has already released five albums and numerous singles and EPs. His music tends to focus on emotion and simplicity, with its haunting melodies and minimalists harmonies evoking scenes from a nostalgic film or the contemplative poetry of a beautiful landscape.

Lena Natalia (USA)
Lena Natalia writes neoclassical, cinematic and experimental electronic music with a piano-centric sound. She has been described as “a narrator who speaks through a piano rather than a pen, capable of creating scenes, moments and characters simply through the melodies of her compositions.” Originally from Chicago, Lena Natalia recently returned to the United States after living in Paris for several years.

Javi Lobe (ES)
Javier Lobe is a Spanish pianist and composer. His compositions focus on the piano, but he also creates versions and arrangements for piano and strings. Born into a family of pianists and inspired by the music of Yann Tiersen and Michael Nyman, he was awarded the bronze medal at the Global Music Awards for the song “A New Beginning”.

Franco Robert (ARG)
Franco Robert is an Argentinian composer and musician, member of the metal band Tersivel. He began to play the piano at the age of 10 and started his solo career as a pianist in 2018 with an American label, Sonder House. His music was also featured in audiovisual projects in the United States and Mexico.

Angel Ruediger (ARG)
Angel Ruediger is a Brazilian composer and pianist. She studied piano for ten years before recording her first pieces, and hasn’t stopped since. Her interest in art and history, carried on in the academic field, have always been sources of inspiration for her compositions.

Francesco Taskayali (ITA)
Francesco Taskayali is a young Italian-Turkish composer and pianist. He began composing at the age of thirteen and released five records and numerous concerts all over the world. He’s gifted with an extraordinary ability to experiment with several techniques and styles of musical composition, and has always shown a lively and sensitive inspiration that embraces the Mediterranean world in which he grew up and traveled: these are the two traits that make his artistic personality constantly growing.

Cucina Sonora (ITA)
Cucina Sonora is a project born in 2014 from an idea of Pietro Spinelli, for the desire to move from the classical piano to new horizons. It started for fun trying to understand the use of the various DAWs and so, between one mistake and another, the first songs were born. After almost a year of tests, studies and experiments, the first EP came to light, presented at the Cinema Centrale of Volterra in December 2015. Following this, Cucina Sonora performed in various cities of Italy and Europe, bringing his music to various stages.

Francesco Nigri (ITA)
Francesco Nigri is an Italian composer and pianist. He has learned to free himself from the mannerist perfection of classical music and to take the courage to pursue his own contemporary, essential style, to be given space even outside the scores and to share with those who want to listen to stories made of sound, thoughts, visions and feelings told with the universal alphabet of music.

Davide De Angelis (ITA)
Davide De Angelis is a young Italian composer. At the age of 8 he composed his first melodies for piano. His first record, entitled “Neverland”, was released on 12 October 2018, directly entering the first spot of the classical Itunes charts in Italy and Russia. His music blends classic and contemporary elements, and aims to convey emotions, transporting the listener into a world of dreams and hopes.

No Mindless Scroll (ITA)
A two-soul project that was born in 2019 from the idea of the composer and arranger Carmelo Emanuele Patti and the violinist Isabel Gallego Lanau, able to combine their different musical experiences and blend the sounds of string instruments, typical of classical music, with elements from pop and electronic music.

Francesco Maria Mancarella (ITA)
Italian composer and pianist, he released several records as author, composer, music director and artistic producer. He invented and patented the painting piano, with which he has been reviewed on national and international magazines, radio and television.

Alberto Cipolla (ITA)
Born in 1988, Alberto Cipolla took his first steps in music during his childhood, then the game turned into a passion and profession, after years of classical piano studies. In recent years he has written, arranged and produced music for national TV programs, soundtracks for films and documentaries. The piano is the source of the melodic and harmonic idea, and a crescendo that brings with it synth, rhythm section, strings and voice in an ideal cohesion of all these elements.

Marco Rollo (ITA)
Composer, pianist and lover of electronics from Salento, he samples sounds that blend with the melodies of the Mediterranean. His musical career is studded with multifaceted experiences, in line with his curious spirit. His encounter with the Balkan sounds made him work with Opa Cupa, Ard Trio, Vudz without forgetting Raffaele Casarano and Paolo Fresu. There is no lack of jazz among his notes, as well as the incursions of dubstep and progressive.

Emiliano Blangero (ITA)
Piedmontese pianist and composer of the millennial generation, he studied at the Verdi conservatory in Turin and from the age of 7 he participated in international piano competitions, winning various prizes and awards. He is currently working on a new album under the guidance of maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia.

Eva Bezze (ITA)
The very young composer and pianist is the latest new entry in the Inri Classic roster. Class 2003, Eva began playing the piano at the age of 9 attending the G. Prina Civic School of Music and then she began composing. At 14 she wrote her first song entitled “Veliero”. In 2018 Eva presented this composition at Pianocity Milano at the Academy of Fine Arts, at the Studio Glance of Maestro Roberto Cacciapaglia and also at the International Music Competition held at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan. Eva is currently continuing to experiment with new sounds and new melodies.

Igor Longhi (ITA)
Musician with a very varied background, he boasts a multifaceted career that also includes the reggae band Makako Jump, with whom he has played throughout Europe. His musical influences converge, together with the teachings of the masters of neoclassicism, in his productions as a pianist, creator of songs that combine intimism and expressiveness, classicism and minimalism.

Vincenzo Crimaco (ITA)
Born in 1993, he studied piano first privately then at the Naples Conservatory. He participated in competitions throughout Europe and has experiences with mass media, both on TV (where he took part in the selections of Italia’s Got Talent) and on the Internet, with a video of a performance at the train station in Naples that featured on a national newspaper webpage and collected over 6 millions views.

Manuel Zito (ITA)
Neapolitan composer and pianist, from a young age he devoted himself to the study of the piano, gathering influences from the Northern European minimalism, which led him to record his first album in Iceland, in the “Sundlaugin Studio” of Sigur Ros. Some of his songs have been included in international playlists on Spotify.

Salvatore Lo Presti (ITA)
Born in 1995 in Sicily, he devoted himself from an early age to the study of the piano, participating in international competitions and also obtaining special mentions from the jury.

Rita Ciancio (ITA)
Rita Ciancio is an Italian pianist and composer. She wrote tracks for films, web series, short films and dance companies. Rita has a modern way of interpreting her music: constant research and linguistic innovation with minimalist themes and contemporary grooves interpreted in a very personal style. She composed music for the New York Film Academy and the National Film School in Milan together with the Italian brand “Poli Grappa”: the films were screened at the 2017 New York City Film Festival and at the “75th Venice International Film Festival”.


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21.09.20 . Dominique Charpentier
23.09.20 . Francesco Taskayali
25.09.20 . Rita Ciancio
28.09.20 . Salvatore Lo Presti
30.09.20 . Marco Rollo
02.10.20 . Franco Robert
05.10.20 . Eva Bezze
07.10.20 . Francesco Nigri
09.10.20 . Igor Longhi
12.10.20 . Angel Ruediger
14.10.20 . Cucina Sonora
16.10.20 . Manuel Zito
19.10.20 . Vincenzo Crimaco
21.10.20 . No Mindless Scroll
23.10.20 . Lena Natalia
26.10.20 . Emiliano Blangero
28.10.20 . Francesco Maria Mancarella
30.10.20 . Javi Lobe
02.11.20 . Alberto Cipolla
04.11.20 . Davide de Angelis

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